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“Following in the footsteps of the Unknown Adventurer has taken me from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the Amazon jungle. Who were they? What happened to them? One day I hope to answer these questions”

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Meet Teddy, the discoverer, editor and compiler of the Unknown Adventurer’s works. Ever since the incredible find in 2014, Teddy has been piecing together the adventurer’s art and knowledge into books, which have now been translated all around the world. 

“When I’m not compiling the books, I’m out in the wild,
following the Unknown Adventurer’s trail.”

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For the past few years Teddy has travelled around the world, often to extreme environments, to uncover the truth behind the lost notebooks and journals. His latest journey took him on a canoe expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest in search of a long lost river, whose story is told in Journey To The Last River.

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Teddy's expedition in search of the Last River, a journey that led him deep into the Amazon.
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“Sometimes I wish the Unknown Adventurer had just gone to the beach, but his footsteps invariably lead to somewhere cold or hot or dangerous.”

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So far, the quest has led Teddy into the Himalayas, up to the Arctic and into the Amazon. Where will it lead him next?
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“I always try and master the skills myself, to learn and to understand.”

Whether it’s making rafts and shelters or bows and arrows, Teddy always tries to master the skills himself, to be sure they work and are safe, before compiling them into the books. 
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In between travelling and editing the books, Teddy gives talks at festivals and schools. His 'young adventurer' workshops aim to inspire and equip a new generation of young explorers, and introduce them to the wonders of our planet... and the thrill of that first step into the unknown...

"I want the Unknown Adventurer to inspire kids and give them the skills to live adventurously."

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